Shown below is a report on the Wizard of Oz production which we staged. The report was by critics from the highly acclaimed NODA (National Operatic & Dramatics Association). Read what they had to say about it below....... 





THE WIZARD OF OZ - 26th May 2011

performed by Melody Makers, Benllech

Directors - Ralph & Christine Peters

Musical Director - Joy Millar

Choreographer - Judith Jeffries


All roads on Anglesey led to Benllech where Melody Makers performed their sell out production of The Wizard of Oz. It was amazing to see how much was accomplished on such a small stage. The Stage Manager and his back stage staff must be congratulated on their efforts. Scenery was swiftly changed with no pause between scenes and there were some excellent lighting effects.

Juliet Berrigan gave us a professional portrayal of Dorothy, her singing was faultless and she handled Toto – Winston Worthington, who incidently didn’t put a paw out of place, with ease. Hunk, Hikory and Zeke were in their element doubling up as Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion and Steven Blankley, Geraint Roberts and Kevin Corcorna fully justified thir casting, respectively, each extracting the uttmost from their characters. Good change in character from Zelda Holloway as the busy Aunt Em to the calming magical Glinda. Caroline Ward rose to the challenge of the formidable Miss Gultch and the heinous and villainous Wicked Witch, casting her evil spells with her ruthless grating voice. Nick Blakeley gave good support as Uncle Henry/Guard together with Sean Sheehan as Professor Marvel/Wizard. Munchkins, Trees and Crows and all minor roles were perfectly accomplished. Stunning costumes including Munchkins, Poppy, Snow and Emerald City dominated the performance with all chorus numbers well rehearsed. I particularly liked the choreography in the Jitterbug and Emerald City numbers. An exciting production well received by an appreciative audience and what a great triumph for this enterprising group!



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