Shown below is a report on our Oklahoma production. The report was by critics from the highly acclaimed NODA (National Operatic & Dramatics Association). Read what they had to say about it below....... 






performed by Melody Makers, Benllech


Producers: Christine and Ralph Peters

Accompanist: Joy Millar

Choreographer: Judith Jeffries and Val Bamber

Oklahoma is both a joy to perform and a joy to watch. Whether it is played in a large theatre or a smaller venue, as this was the case it always has a certain charm.

Juliet Jeffries beautifully played Laurey, just the right age for the role and the right singing voice. Dressed in jeans and checked shirt in the first act, she brought a certain freshness to the part. She led the Ladies Chorus well with ‘Many a New Day’ and danced with grace and poise in the Ballet - Well Done. I am pleased that Geraint Roberts has decided to tread the boards again after his role of Lun Tha last year. He is a great asset to the cast, and coped well with the role of Curly. Sarah Roberts was a typical Ado Annie - super role and Sarah really got her teeth into it, she showed how versatile she could be after last year’s Anna. Sarah gave a lot of much needed support to Barry Wall as Will Parker. I did not think Will had all the confidence and experience necessary for such a large role, but with Ado Annie’s support it all turned out well.

Freda Rushton gave us at homely Aunt Ella, one you could turn to in trouble, but I would have liked to see her a bit more domineering, nevertheless a creditable performance. I was very impressed with Michael Ward’s portrayal as Jud. He put his mark on this character from his very first entrance and it continued throughout. Michael's ‘Lonely Room’, a very difficult song, was a highlight of the evening. Stuart Innes got all the laughs with his role of Ali Hakim, but I must mention Natasha Pugh as Gertie Cummings, a great little cameo part so well acted, and oh that laugh!!

The chorus was well drilled, but I would like to have heard a bit more harmony particularly the ladies in Many New Day. The ballet was excellent involving all members of the cast, another highlight of a very entertaining evening.


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