Shown below is a report on our Fiddler on the roof production. The report was by critics from the highly acclaimed NODA (National Operatic & Dramatics Association). Read what they had to say about it below....... 






performed by Melody Makers, Benllech


Producers/Directors: Caroline Ward / Val Bamber

Musical Director/Accompanist: Joy Millar


Congratulations and very well done to Caroline Ward and Val Bamber on their first attempt at producing with this intriguing musical. I do hope that this will be the first of many successes for the two of you. A wonderful story portrayed on such a small area to work with was a real triumph.

The opening was well directed and everyone knew 'who he was and what the directors wanted them to do'. Lovely touch to open and close with Caroline Ward demonstrating her expertise with the violin on stage as the Fiddler. The individual groups, Papas, Mamas, Sons and Daughters put their mark on the Tradition number from the onset. Kevin Corcoran took on the challenge of 'Tevye' with a strict but sympathetic manner. His conversations with God were outstanding and he delivered many comic aspects of the script to the delight of the audience. He was proficient in all musical numbers and thoroughly enjoyed himself in 'To Life'. Kevin was never out of character in any section of the piece and he played the scenes with his daughters with both pathos and understanding. A superb performance. Val Bamber took the role of Golde with ease, exercising her authority with the family, and was accomplished in all vocal numbers, blending well with Tevye in 'Do You Love Me'. Full marks to Tevye's daughters, Tzeitel - Juliet Jefferies, Hodel - Ami Ward and Chava - Suzanna Blakeley who showed true professionalism particularly during the last three weeks of rehearsals when changes were made due to illness - well done. Nice contributions from the two younger daughters - Yasmin Innes and Ellie Jones as Sprintze and Bielke respectively. I enjoyed the strong performance from Mike Ward as Lazer Wolf making the most of this lucrative role, maintaining his accent throughout. David Lupton was most impressive as Motel the Tailor, delivering this wonderful number 'Wonder of Wonder' so full of joy and sincerity, yet never forgetting the nervous nature of the character he was portraying - superb. Of course there is always the Matchmaker and Carol Brown was well suited to the role of Yente. Geraint Roberts again notched up another success as Perchick the Student whilst Steven Blankley perfectly portrayed the role of the young Russian, Fyedka.

There are many minor roles in this piece, each one important to the plot and each one was well cast, but I must just mention Christine Peters as Grandma Tzeitel and Karen Roberts as Fruma-Sarah.They both gave hair-raising performances bringing alive the Dream Sequence, and together with the chorus, some fabulous make-up, gave us one of the best Dream Scenes I have ever seen. Chorus contribution outstanding even though small in number. Congratulations and many thanks once again Melody Makers - a truly memorable evening.


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