This page contains details of future fundraising events. To see more details please scroll down. If you wish to participate in any of the events then come along and join us - have fun and help raise money towards a good cause at the same time. The more the merrier as they say.

If you have any ideas for any fundraising events we could organise please get in touch via the contact us page.

Planned events so far are also shown on the calendar to the right. Keep checking back because this page is updated as new events are organised.

Want to help by donating money to us? All the group funds come from our own hard work and efforts to fundraise so all donations are greatly received & will help towards producing shows & hall upkeep, lighting maintenance and so forth. Click a button below to donate via PayPal secure payment scheme if you would like to donate. Any other donations you may like to give are welcomed in any format. Some people for example like to give us donations in the form of a small raffle prize.


Upcoming Fundraising Events:

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Please note all times shown below are approximate. The events below are subject to change at the last minute. We try to update our site as frequently as we can and try to ensure all information is accurate, but we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information due to change since time of publishing.

To donate money to us via PayPal please click the button below if you would like to help us raise some funds this way.


The group would like to give a big thank you to Suzanna Blakeley and friends who did a sponsored walk to help raise approximately £85 towards helping us stage our productions. Thank you.

Presentation of Cheque to Group

The group would also like to give a big thank you to Emily Ward and friends who did a sponsored swim to help raise money towards helping us stage our productions. Thank you.

Melody Makers would like to thank Magnox Socio Economic Scheme for a grant received to help improve our equipment. The scheme provide grants to a wide variety of groups and charities in order to fund various different types of projects. To find out more about their scheme please visit:


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