Shown below is a report on our My Fair Lady production. The report was by critics from the highly acclaimed NODA (National Operatic & Dramatics Association). Read what they had to say about it below....... 






performed by Melody Makers, Benllech


Producers: Christine and Ralph Peters

Musical Director: Joy Millar

Choreographers: Judith Jeffries and Val Bamber


George Bernard Shaw would have been delighted with this production. My visit to Melody Makers was a true highlight. My oh my, how they worked hard. A particular mention for the backstage team
who worked their socks off on this minute stage. The sets were excellent and Ralph Peters and Ray Blankley must be congratulated on their set construction. I was truly in awe of the Higgins' Study,
which was beautifully set with all the appropriate props. The show flowed from one scene to another without a pause - marvellous.

Sarah Smullen was perfectly cast in the challenging role of Eliza Doolittle, giving us a superb contrast from the cockney character to the elegant lady. Sarah delivered all her musical numbers with ease, living the character throughout her performance. Stuart Innes, who gave us a very convincing Professor Higgins, demonstrating his vast on stage experience, partnered her. A wonderful portrayal of this character, which I am sure, must be one of his favourite roles. I liked the contribution from Derek Lace as Alfred P Doolittle, Eliza’s father, confident in all his dialogue, and maintaining the cockney accent throughout. A very creditable performance. Alan Jeffries was of course the perfect Colonel Pickering, and full marks to Geraint Roberts, who stepped in at the last moment as Freddy Eynsford-Hill, as well as doubling up as cockney, Harry. Barbara Fry was faultless as the elegant Mrs Higgins, and Val Bamber was well cast as Mrs Pearce, Higgins' Housekeeper.


All the minor roles, including the Maids, were carried out with aplomb. The chorus was well directed, and I wondered how they would manage The Ascot Gavotte with all those wonderful hats in such a small stage area, but it went without a hitch. A lovely show well presented. Congratulations to all concerned. Thank you once again for the lovely rose I received on my arrival, lovely touch, and for your continuing hospitality. I look forward to your next venture.



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